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Entry #1

Working on two story ideas

2013-05-03 03:33:31 by YellowisCOOL

So, I'm working on another story idea after I had a dream about picking up a girl and dropping her from a big height. The girl in the story is 16 and she can fly and has telekinesis. Here's what I've done so far, it's quite long, but yeah, here it is:

EDIT: I'm currently working on another book about 4 teens named Cyrus, Tanner, Bailey and CJ who are homeless and on the run. They discover something in Los Angeles' sewer system and gain amazing abilities. CJ goes insane with power and they have to stop him. (Not the full blurb.) I'm working on them both at the same time. So, yeah.


I finally had enough of Dakota and her friends bullying me. The normally quiet and calm persona that I had had finally snapped. This time, she was the one getting hurt.
I slowly walked up to her, fists clenching and un-clenching.
"So, Dakota, you like to see me in pain, huh? You like to see me in torture from your hurtful words hmm? How about you become the one that gets hurt, would you like that?" I said, with a look of anger on my face. I clenched my jaw and stared at her eye-to-eye.
Before she could react, I quickly grasped her blouse collar with my right hand and rocketed from the ground at 50 kilometers per hour. The ground shook as I took off, and Dakota screamed and gasped until I suddenly stopped in mid-air and hovered above the ground at around 3 stories high.
Still only holding her up with one hand, I ignored her and the group of students down below that were screaming and and staring in horror.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't drop you from this height and break your bones," I snarled, tightly gripping the collar of Dakota's blouse, making her cough and choke in-between shrieks.
"I-I I'm sorry. . . I won't b-be mean to you anymore. We'll all leave you alone. . ." Dakota choked, with a look of true terror on her face.
I watched her dangling and struggling in mid-air and I nearly smirked.
I glanced down below and saw that massive group of teachers and students had formed, screaming and yelling at me to let Dakota go. Almost the whole school was there. They were all shocked, but I wasn't surprised. Nobody at school knew I could fly until now. Nobody knew about my powers. And at that point I didn't give a crap if they knew.
"Please. . . . I beg you. . ." Dakota gasped. "P-please just put me down."
I silently hovered above the ground, looking off into the distance, thinking about my next move and listening to the screams of students and teachers down below.
I turned and stared at Dakota, my angry, glowing, purple eyes connecting with hers. Fury, anger and pain detonated inside me.
"You and your group of stupid friends have been bullying me for TWO WHOLE FREAKING YEARS. And it's only at this point when you've said you're sorry. I've had enough. What goes around comes around, bitch."
And I dropped her.
I watched her fall, screaming the whole way down and I saw the shocked and terrified faces down below as they watched her drop out of the sky like a stone.
It seemed to happen in slow-motion, and as I watched her fall pleasure filled my body from head to toe.
There was a loud thud and a sickening crunch, and the screaming stopped.
I glanced down and saw her broken body; I saw that she had crushed her legs, thighs, knees, feet, tail bone and right arm, and she lay there like a life-less dead body.
Her nose severely bled and she had multiple bruises covering her disfigured body. Some of her broken bones nearly burst through her skin, and all the colour had drained out of her face. I felt no sympathy for her.
Teachers and students surrounded Dakota while Principal Fitzpatrick dialed the ambulance, and I watched emotionlessly as the ambulance quickly arrived.
As I watched the emergency services lift Dakota carefully into the ambulance on a stretcher, and the people down below crying and staring at me in horror, it finally hit me like a bullet to the head.
Anguish and terror suddenly filled my heart. I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to curl up into a crumpled ball and cry my eyes out. What had I done? What was wrong with me? Had I actually killed her?
So yeah, I hope you like what I've done so far. I'm just in the beginning stages so far.

Working on two story ideas


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2013-05-04 17:45:22

no you cant have any of my fucks i dont give away fucks

YellowisCOOL responds:

darn it


2013-05-07 07:35:26

An amusing story. Analogy is seen. After she dropped the girl from a high building, she was emotionally dropped. Dakota's heart was popped, the girl's heart sunk. Dakota's stomach was ripped, the girl stomach has sickened. Dakota's body was disfigured and the girl wanted to curl into to a crumpled ball. Dakota regretted her actions only when facing threat and the girl immediately afterwards. cCntrasted personalities.

YellowisCOOL responds:

Haha thanks.


2013-05-07 20:51:00

i got it

YellowisCOOL responds:

Okey dokey.


2013-05-08 01:44:21

thats a pretty good story bro, but my attention span forced me straight to pokemon. cool pictures.


YellowisCOOL responds:

That's all good bro, Pokemon is awesome.


2013-05-09 12:08:28

what do you think about the color green?

YellowisCOOL responds:

I prefer the color blue.


2013-05-14 04:39:06

Book update: I've pretty much finished the whole character design thing, and the girl with the telekinetic powers is called Astrid. She has light blonde hair, purple eyes, olive skin, is 165 cm tall and her nationality is American and European. The tips of her hair glow purple when using her telekinetic and she's easily stronger than an adult male. Her lungs are bigger and more efficient so she can breathe in very thin air.


2013-05-15 10:26:13

That was really good. I mean really good. I was actually into that story. Good job YIC!!

YellowisCOOL responds:

Yay! Thank you! :D


2013-05-24 09:31:02

Nice story, i like it so far

YellowisCOOL responds:

Thanks for the critique, man.


2013-06-05 17:10:37

This is awesome! Keep going!

YellowisCOOL responds:

Thanks for the support!


2013-06-09 04:21:06

Publish dat shit. Make bank.

YellowisCOOL responds:

I hope to do so in the future.


2013-06-11 22:06:41

Your survey entry: 41

YellowisCOOL responds:

Thanks bruh!


2013-06-16 22:22:21

I.remember when Pokemon first aired. I was about 15/16 yrs old. I remember buying a jiggly puff earring and necklace set.

YellowisCOOL responds:

When I was 5/6 me and my friend used to jump around in the bed and pretend we were Jigglypuffs. And we would try to attack my brother who would pretend to be the Golem Pokemon.


2013-06-17 03:24:55

You are one tricked out whore if you think i'm going to read all of that.

YellowisCOOL responds:

If you don't want to read my story on Newgrounds, then read it on my Wattpad account you lazy cunt.


2013-06-17 21:15:54

Ahh memories. Being a kid was so much. Enjoy it while you can boo. Enjoy it while you can.

YellowisCOOL responds:

My childhood was fun. Going on the ps1 and ps2, owning a gba and gbc, watching cartoons on Saturday and Sunday mornings, pretending to be Pokemon.... well my childhood was fun while it lasted. :P


2013-06-18 00:07:05

Oh no you didn't.

YellowisCOOL responds:

Oh yes I did.


2013-06-18 01:14:42

Do you even know who I am.
Do you have any idea.

(Updated ) YellowisCOOL responds:

I don't want to know who you are. I don't care.


2013-06-18 04:46:15


YellowisCOOL responds:

Thank you. I take that as a compliment.


2013-06-30 04:24:41

talk dirty to me babe

YellowisCOOL responds:

The carpet needs cleaning.


2013-07-14 17:40:07

Draw a shoe.

YellowisCOOL responds:

Do you have a shoe fetish or something.


2013-07-17 07:03:39

dollar $$$

YellowisCOOL responds:

a dollar makes me holla


2013-08-09 02:15:55

I do not have a shoe fetish. But I feel accomplished knowing that some people believe I do.

YellowisCOOL responds:

Well, that's okay I suppose.


2013-11-04 00:17:41

that is basically the plot for the movie chronicle

YellowisCOOL responds:

Well it's not supposed to be like it.