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Entry #1

I'm considering writing a book.

1/31/13 by YellowisCOOL

Ok, so this is the prologue for a book that I may be writing in the future. It's got wolves in it and stuff. Just read what I've done so far and tell me your opinion. I don't know the title of the book either, so yeah.
Being part wolf is not as cracked up as it's supposed to be.
First of all, your ears are hyper-sensitive. Any high pitch sound will send you crashing to the ground in excruciating pain.
Second, you get fleas.
And third, you have a wolf tail that you have to flatten against your spine if you want to have a chance at looking like a normal human being.
But who am I kidding? We will never be normal.
We've all got 50% human and 50% wold DNA, and super-human abilities for God's sake! We're far from normal. We're mutant freaks; Sebastian, Myra and I.
I'm Alex Payne.
Welcome to my freakish life.

I've been through hell lately; my new friends have been through hellish experiences as well.
But now we have to forget about our past and focus on our future.
All I know is that we have to keep on running. We can't stop and look back. We have to keep on moving forward.
We have to keep on going or They will capture us. But I won't let that happen. We're a team - we're like a pack of wolves.
When they find us, we'll show 'em who's boss.
Alex Payne.
Age: 14
Eye colour: bright blue (wolf-like)
Hair colour: Brown/brunette. Long hair.

Sebastian (Seb) Slade.
Age: 14
Eye colour: dark blue/grey (wolf-like)
Hair colour: dark brown/almost black with blue highlights. Short and spiky hair.

Myra Sampson.
Age: 13
Eye colour: light blue (wolf-like)
Hair colour: white blonde. Long hair.
Yup. That's all I've got so far. If I do make a book in a couple of years I'm going to include sketches of the main characters. Tell me what you think.

I'm considering writing a book.


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I need your help finding shitty porn comics to mock.

4/23/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

wot is this
wot is up w/ dis wurld we liv in jesuz christ
ok but u betta halp me w/ dis cuz i need guidance on how 2 mock ok ok ok ok ill halp

lmfao the picture holy shit that's great.

4/19/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Thank you :)

DAMN!! It was your birthday last month?? i could have made you a bday thread!
Well happy very belated birthday boo!!

4/16/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Thank you haha :)

Birthday party? V

4/4/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Nah I didn't have one. I couldn't be bothered since I moved house and stuff.

It's the 30th of March (New Zealand time) so that means it's my mother-fucking birthday! I'm now officially 14 years of age. I got some presents (I didn't ask for much). I just got some CDs, Easter eggs and a $20 iTunes gift card. I don't mind though. Basically all I'm doing is eating mini donuts and drinking grape Fanta. Yup. Gotta love Saturdays.



Most definitely. Ron is a cunt destroyer.

3/25/13 YellowisCOOL responds:




Damn, Ron gets it in.

3/23/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

He has more of a sexual love-life than you do.

Working on a character called Hunter who turns out to be Alex's long lost twin brother.



Awsommme your story seems cool bro

3/12/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Thank you. :) I changed it so now it's going to be the epilogue, and I'm adding in an extra character too.



show me a pic of your pussy

3/9/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

ok bby <3 nt/uploads/2011/08/shaven-pussy.j pg

YEEEEESSSSS I've been scouted for the Audio portal! HELL YEAH!



Alex PAYNE mofo

3/6/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

I've never watched the movie or played the video game/s.

Why do u always talk so mutch about cunts? are u obsesed whit it? cunts i mean--

2/28/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

u wot

Hah, I saw that same guy on Facebook, too, except it wasn't the same image, it was another one.

2/21/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

He's a funny cunt.



no, i mean the one in this news post

2/15/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

I dunno, I found it on Facebook.



what is that picture there

2/14/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

My icon? It's Ryan Seacrest when he was a kid.

Hows the writing coming along?

2/14/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

I haven't really had time to do much because I started my new school last week.

well you ARE cool yellowiscool, so at least it's been said!

2/14/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

YAY! :3

yellowiscool is cool . . . i bet you get that one all the time!

2/14/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Nah, I actually don't.



I miss your old icon.

2/14/13 YellowisCOOL responds:


"50% wold DNA" Do you mean wolf DNA? The story itself is exciting, especially at the end of that sample. It makes me want to read more so I can find out who "they" are.

2/10/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Sorry, grammar mistake.
Thanks for the support!

but is yellow really cool though

2/6/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Not as cool as the colour blue.

Actually, when I think about it, the prologue I wrote up there is now going to be the epilogue.
I'm doing the plot right now, I'll post it in the comments when I feel that the plot is ready.

Ew, crocs
that's low, m8

2/3/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Our new pet sheep arrived like 5 minutes ago. They're both males and they're called Percy and Wilbur. Reminds me of Charlotte's Web.

Well its a start, a work in progress.

Whenever you have an idea about your book, write it down. That way you can add or take away when writing.

2/2/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Thanks! That's exactly what I've been doing. I'm sorting out the plot of the book right now. :P



not that you can't improve, at all. (you're very young). but the whole half wolf half human thing sounds like a deviant art anime fan fic kinda deal. could be funny if you're doing it ironically, but you're not. maybe pick a more original idea for your novel. you can stick with this one, but the prose and characters will deffo have to make up for the tired concepts.

2/2/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

This is just a draft. I'll add more detail in the characters and such later on when I develop better writing skills as I get older and more mature. I've got a ton of ideas for the book. I've pretty much decided on Alex Payne's nationality and stuff..... but yeah... I have got a lot to learn.

You ain't got shit on me
36 pages ahead

2/2/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

I hope you get crocs for your birthday, piss-head.

I'm 36 pages ahead of you.

2/1/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Fuck you cunt. You ain't got shit on me.



Will it be erotic?

1/31/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Nah, not likely.



The only way most writers make money, is to pen ransom notes.
It's just a drop of something... good luck building a geyser (geezer, th fuck is that FB wizardry?).
The characters are themselves the inciting incident at this point. Would there be a back-story? Or is all this after they've somehow found one another?
Either way, expand on your character bios (date and place of birth, parents, locations, physical and mental progressions.....), and then a timeline of the world they're in.

1/31/13 YellowisCOOL responds:

Okay, sure. That's a great idea.